Top Architectural Styles Which Influenced the Architecture Most (Part – 1)

The world is well familiar with the word Architecture because they saw every day different types of creative architectural marvels all around the world from the very beginning of human civilization. Yes, of course, Architecture flourished from the need of humans for shelter and a safe resting place but it also shows the humans’ love for the beauty and desire to create something new. For this reason, we have seen different types of styles of architecture in different regions of the world from time to time. 

Adaptation is one of the main key factors of Architecture. This field never loses any ideas and tactics from any of the styles. Instead of losing or removing something Architecture always adopts them and presents another new creative creation to the world. So, it may be a question of which Architectural styles influenced Architecture most? It’s a question of controversy because all the experts are not agreed on the same answer. Here we are going to explore the top influencer Architectural styles agreed upon by most of the experts.

  • Victorian Architectural Style

Victorian Architectural Style is a newer style considering the age of Architecture in human civilization. It flourished in Europe in the nineteenth century combining the components of the Asian, Muslim, Romanesque, Tudor, and Gothic Revival architectural styles. This style was so popular at that time and still, now we can see many buildings in Victorian-style around the world.

  • Renaissance Architectural Style

This Architectural style flourished in Italy in the fifteenth century which adopts components from the ancient architectural styles and represents the clarity, vigour, and harmony among the components. We know that Rome the capital city of Italy once the center of the Roman Empire developed one of the most famous architectural styles, the Roman Architectural Style and in the Renaissance style we have seen clear heavy influence and adoption of Roman architecture. Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, St. Peter’s Basilica Vatican City, and Tempietto del Bramante are a few examples of this style of building.

  • Islamic Architectural Style

This architectural style influences the architecture heavily date back from the seventh century and flourished in the desert of middle-east, Persia, Africa, and later in Spain under the rulers of Islam. Later this style spreads all over the world with the expansion of Islamic empires and the increasing presence of Muslims around the world. Islamic style is also responsible to develop a few other architectural styles like the Mughal Architectural style. The most important characteristics of this style are the use of geometrical forms, use of water, open garden, screens, enclose area concentration, and the big number of uses of horseshoe arches. 


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